About Us

If you like this site, you probably grew up just like me. Video games were the best back in the day (and yeah, they’re also the best, now.) You played all the classics when they were brand new. Your family bought the new consoles, you stayed overnight playing Mario 3 at your best friend’s house, and all that.

But, y’know, life moves on, right? Thirty to Forty years later and now you’re the parent and you find yourself saying things like, “kids these days.” But you love ’em, right? Out of that love, you’ve gone on to learn how to watch over ’em, and you do know your history, so you also love freedom, because only in a prepared state of liberty can your kids really grow up in relative safety and happiness.

That’s how we got here, to the store at Dorkforce. Mash up those two ideas and you get a great playground of importance and fun, with all sorts of products proclaiming just that. You want to find out more? Drop a line and introduce yourself. Suggest a product. Chat up the good old games. Talk to you soon!